Isfira Jensen founded Nufacet Interiors with a desire to develop interiors that feel purposeful, harmonized, sophisticated and timeless. Her innate talent for coordinating opulent spaces is impeccable, offering her unparalleled creative vision for expertly imagined projects. Isfira loves all things architecture and is known to be a multi-faceted individual with varying interests in the arts. Growing up in multi-cultural New York City, her passion for languages (she speaks 4), distinct countries and cultures quite literally allows her to communicate with ease and deliver to the most demanding requests.
Isfira Jensen

Isfira studied interior design independently through private courses in New York City, which enhanced her already natural abilities for space planning and curation. Her aesthetic is formal, elegant, and luxurious, prompting the interiors by her firm to fully reflect this vision. Isfira's role is to skillfully oversee all design concepts, while keeping true to the firm's signature aesthetic. This ensures every scheme is tailored to the client and always fulfilled at the highest level of excellence.


Nufacet Interiors is a full service, luxury interior design firm based in New York City, serving clients nationwide. This studio was founded by, multi-talented, principal designer Isfira Jensen. Project managing with astute judgement and proficiency, Nufacet Interiors specializes in high-end, timeless, elegant, refined and sophisticated hotel-like interiors.

"We create interiors that feel comfortably sophisticated, rich and relaxed, interiors that inspire people daily through nuance, harmony and contrasts, interiors that reflect your needs and spirit, interiors that truly feel like home."
The team at Nufacet Interiors manages everything from concept to turn-key styling. They develop innovative schemes consisting of expertly curated furniture, lighting and accessories, while working with a team of skilled craftsman to ensure beautiful results are delivered every time. Nufacet Interiors works with individuals and families directly on their new-build homes. Services are always tailored to the client's needs, specifications and budget, utilizing their expertise, competence and experience to design highly harmonized interiors.


At Nufacet Interiors, we provide sophisticated turnkey designs crafted to be truly impressive living spaces. A luxury experience is produced cohesively with peace of mind as projects are completed on time and on budget.