Our eDesign service is a great way to enlist the help of a professional Interior Designer when you're on a budget, but desire high style for your home. It is a great way to decorate in stages, one room at a time, at your own pace. Edesign is the ideal solution for the DIY-er at heart that enjoys managing their own design project.

Why Work with Us Remotely?

So you're at a point where you understand why you should hire an interior designer and the value they can bring to your life. You are looking ahead at your project and thinking, "If I could just get someone to envision the whole thing and give me a plan for what to do, I think I could get this done myself." It sounds like our eDesign package is right for you.

We Design, You Execute

We believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful, functional and comfortable home. Our homes should be our haven from the craziness of the outside world, and a place where our personal style is uniquely expressed.

We will provide you with everything you need to create a stunning result, including a furniture plan, color palette, a shopping list with direct clickable links, and thorough instructions for turning your dream interior into a reality. This is a great way to take advantage of working with our team at a fraction of the cost of our Full Service Design projects.

How it Works

Our eDesign works very much like any other design project done by Nufacet Interiors except for a few key things. Everything happens via email instead of face-to-face, so we never actually visit your home (unless you are local to our service area and opted for a site measure). All products for our eDesign projects are available through online and local retailers, as opposed to the custom and trade-only options that we use for our full-service design projects.

How to Get Started

  • Once your payment is received, we will get the process started on your customized eDesign.
  • A welcome packet will be emailed to you in 3-5 business which will include a eDesign Agreement, the Style Assessment, and instructions.
  • We will ask that you forward digital photos of the space or spaces that we will be working on as well as some exterior photos of your home, so that we fully understand the architectural style with which we are working.
  • We will also need accurate measurements of the space we are designing. You will be provided with a step-by-step guide for both measuring and photographing your space to ensure we have just what we need to get started.
  • We need an idea of the budget for the room's furnishings. You will have an opportunity to indicate this on the Style Assessment that you will fill out.
  • We will send you a status email at least once per week with the progress until the final design is delivered to you. We will also respond to any questions or concerns you may have emailed to us in this weekly status email.
  • We will be happy to provide "service after the sale" up to 14 days after the final design has been delivered to you.
Let's Begin




Style Quiz
This short quiz will identify the design style that perfectly suits you and your home.