Elite Full Service Design

The very best of our service offering, Elite Full Service Interior Design takes your space from bare bones to beautiful.

 We manage every aspect of your project from start to finish, giving you your own real-life HGTV moment.
Our Design Approach
Precision Planning
A meticulous 9-step design process makes your experience seamless with checks and balances to ensure no detail goes unnoticed.
Deeper Research
In-depth interviews uncover the customized design elements you need to live harmoniously and work productively. My unique process for getting to know you produces a design you love.
Flat Fees For Design
My robust design process allows me to come up with a design fee so precise, I'll never ask you to pay more for the custom interior design genius beyond the initial design quote.
Exceptional Service
You don't have time to speak to contractors and manage deliveries. My team troubleshoots, problem solves and has all the difficult conversations. So you don't have to.
Fully Customized To Your Lifestyle
Your home needs to reflect how you get dressed in the morning, even down to how long your legs are. Homes designed with me are like custom suits for your lifestyle!
Ultimate Veto Power
I love to present you with something incredibly stylish and unexpected but I'll never force ideas on you. If you don't absolutely love it, it's gone.
What's Included:
In Person Meetings With Isfira and Team - we listen to your needs and curate a highly personalized design.
Design Boards & 3D Renderings - you can fully visualize your designed space before making final decisions.
Floorplans & Elevations - we equip contractors with specifications so everything is built according to approved plans.
Sourcing Furnishings from coveted "To The Trade Only" Resources - we curate exclusive, quality pieces that withstand the test of time.
Contractor coordination and full project management - no detail is left behind as we dictate every variable in the construction process.
Complete Turn Key Installation - you come home to a perfectly styled, ready to be lived in space.
Curated Design & Selection
Allow us to simplify the design process, elevate your design experience and welcome you to a space that's perfectly suited for you.
The Full Service Design Experience is right for you if...
You Intend on living in a beautifully curated home which perfectly reflects your vision for a timeless, elegant and luxurious space.
You are short on time and aren't interested in managing your home project
Aren't sure of how to put your design style together and are overwhelmed with the many necessary design decisions.
You are in need of a trusted team of professionals to guide you through the process from start to finish
You would like to ensure your project investment funds are properly spent on quality products
The Full Service Experience
Initial Design Call
It all starts with a complimentary design call. We will briefly go over your needs for the project and how I can help. This is the start of how I earn your confidence in my competencies, processes and core values.
Design & Construction
Where all the action happens, behind the scenes! We create the designs, you approve them and we work to bring them to life. We take care of it all from concept to completion.
The Big Day!
It's time to celebrate! I will personally welcome you to your new home, in style, of course. Get ready to be wowed because it's going to be quite the experience.
Project Closure & Celebration
Marybeth H.
Neora S.
Natasha D.
Kimberly H.
Paula Ann M.
Marybeth H.
We only achieved the apartment of our dreams because of Isfira's talent
"Trust me when I say that Isfira brings a very rare combination of creative vision and buttoned-up process & communication to create a home better than you could have imagined."
Marybeth H.
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Still Deciding If We're The Right Fit?
If you're still not sure or I haven't answered all of your questions, please send me a direct email. I would love the opportunity to provide all the information you need.
Are you Wondering?
What areas do you service?

We service New York City, Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk counties), New Jersey and Westchester. Virtual (eDesign) services are available for clients outside of this service area residing in the US.

What can I expect to pay to design my home?

Understandably, we get asked this question a lot. Our fees depend on various factors, ranging from the level of service you require and the specific room you're looking to design. To give you an accurate estimate, it's important that we tour your space and have a detailed discussion about your vision for the home.

We prefer to be as transparent as possible with clients, and offer flat fees for the design phase of the project. This means that you'll know the exact cost of the design plans before you commit to the project. That way, you are able to make an informed decision and have a clear understanding of your investment from the beginning.

What will it cost to furnish my whole home?

This is another common question. Please click here for a calculator which will provide you with a furnishing estimate for items of varying construction quality (good, better, best).

How long does all of this take?

The Design Phase typically spans six to eight weeks, allowing us to delve into the intricacies of your project. The duration of the Purchasing and Project Management phase depends on factors such as the scope of work and the availability in the contractor's schedule.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are exclusively offered for specific packages, usually reserved for Full Service clients. If applicable, the proposal provided will outline the available payment options offered to you.

Still have questions? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.
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